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<a href=www.youtube.com/watch?v=18r94QQ10qc Sustainable Systems and Green Materials Sustainable Systems and Green Materials 1) Photovoltaic solar energy system 2) Grey water recycling system - takes water from the -bathroom sinks and showers, and the washing machine, filtering it and pumping it to the fruit trees in the garden 3) Rain water collection system 4) Passive Cooling - uses low windows on the windward side and high windows on the leeward side of the house. Cross ventilation is maximized by eliminating most of the interior walls and aligning windows and sliding glass doors. Ceiling fans are distributed across the ceiling to move the warm air out when there is no natural breeze. 5) In order to reduce the size of the house, we used efficient efficient custom storage system of movable shelves and cabinets runs through the length of the house. This allows for a smaller, but smarter building. 6) Natural Daylighting - uses interior clerestory windows and transoms to allow all of the rooms to borrow light from each other. Materials 1) recycled flooring for the first structure, patched together and left roughly finished. 2) plywood floors for the second structure 3) Ceilings of both structures are plywood, cut into horizontal boards. 4) Composite decking made of recycled content. 5) All of the Interior doors are made of recycled flooring from the existing house 6) Poured in place concrete countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, use recycled fly ash 8) Non VOC Paints and Stains 9) All plumbing fixtures are low-flow energy efficient 10) All electrical appliances are energy star rated -LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures 11) Ductless Mini-Split HVAC system zoned for maximum efficiency Credits: Jeremy Levine Design Designer: Jeremy Levine, Assoc. AIA, Principal Associate Designer: Jonathon Pickup Structural Engineer: Micheal Ciortea General Contractor: Juan Macias Construction Photography by Tom Bonner" src="https://cdn.santa.lv/media/2019/01/2/large/ca9468b1377e.jpg"/>
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